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Richard Herring's Meaning of Life

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Percy the Shepherd in Servants

My brief appearance in the 2003 BBC series, Servants

Hard to Swallow

Short film from 2007, directed by Mat Kirby, that I appeared in.

3 Weeks week 1 2011

PDF of the Threeweeks paper that I "guest edited" (wrote intro and questions for Barry Cryer and Jerry Sadowitz)

Richard Herring's Objective

A short film about the recording of the Edinburgh special of Richard Herring's Objective.

BBC News 5th August 2011

Brief appearance on piece on the Fringe


The long version of the interview I did with the lovely Robert Llewelyn in Edinburgh 2010

BBC Breakfast July 6th 2011

Part of an interview I did to promote "What Is Love, Anyway?"

Epping Forest Guardian interview

George Nott interviews

Mass movement interview

Download this mag - there's a big Christ on a Bike interview.

The New Current interview

Interview about Edinburgh and "What Is Love, Anyway?"

Sabotage Times interview

John Rain interviews about Christ on a Bike and other stuff

Media Funhouse on AIOTM

Review of AIOTM from the Manhattan based cable channel

RTE Lyric FM interview about podcasts

An Irish man interviews me about my podcasts.

Marsha Meets

Marsha interviews Richard for XFM podcast

Interview with Dave

Interview with the Dave Channel's website about COAB and other stuff

BBC Suffolk on Lowestoft COAB protests

Story about proposed protests in Lowestoft.

My Secret Life - The Independent

Holly Williams asks me some questions and edits my answers down to the bare minimum so occasionally they make no sense.

Christ on a Bike documentary

A short film by Rich Smyth about Christ on a Bike.

Russell Howard's Good News performance

My stand up set from Russell Howard's Good News

Pod Delusion interview

Interview with the podcast with excellent taste in comedians. Edited version in podcast with link to full version too.

Comedy Central interview

5 Minutes with Comedy Central

Hitler Moustache clips

There are a few short clips from the Hitler Moustache DVD available on Youtube.

Utter Shambles Podcast

Robin Ince and Josie Long chat to Collings and Herrin (November 2010)