After sorting out politics (Hitler Moustache), religion (Christ on a Bike), love (What is Love, Anyway?) and penises (Talking Cock) Herring's tenth consecutive stand-up show tackles the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveller returns (apart from Jesus and that canoe bloke). Is death a tragedy or an excuse to have an extended lie-in? Are we snuffed out or forced to endure eternity without bodily pleasures? Death is inevitable, so let's laugh in its face while our hearts still beat and our jaws are still attached.

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Emily Jupp interviews in a pretty fair write-up of what we talked about, that goes a bit awry and confused around the stuff about offence. The joke about "That's why I did a joke" is a quote from Nick Doody and not me referring to the Rohypnol thing. But hey ho.

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We're All Going To Die! Programme

The programme for my 2013/4 stand up show


Chortle headline about my death

Chortle headline about my death

Steve Bennett joins in with the joke about him in WAGTD by mocking up this page about my demise.


We're All Going To Die! Final Edinburgh poster

We're All Going To Die! Final Edinburgh poster

The final version of the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe poster


Various versions of the 2013 Edinburgh poster

Various versions of the 2013 Edinburgh poster

Stephen Newman works his design magic with Steve Brown's amazing image

Picture_4.png Picture_5.png Picture_6.png Picture_7.png Picture_9.png

Image for 2013 Fringe poster

Image for 2013 Fringe poster

Steve Brown does more sterling work for We're All Going To Die!

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